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The FIFA Confederations Cup started in Brazil..

posted 18 Jun 2013, 04:39 by Sportech Nz   [ updated 18 Jun 2013, 04:45 ]

..with arguably the best team from each continent of the World plus a few automatic qualifiers such as Brazil as the next World Cup Host.

Held the year before the World Cup the host nation gets to meet the top teams from around the globe who compete for the Confederations Cup in a friendly but competitive tournament where the stars of football get a chance to shine for their country. 

The eight qualifiers this time are Spain, Uruguay, Nigeria, Mexico, Japan, Brazil, Italy and Tahiti. Yes, Tahiti represent Oceania having qualified for the first time to the final stage of a major FIFA competition.

“Our wildest dream as a team is to score a goal,” said Eddy Etaeta ahead of the start of Confederations Cup. That dream came true in the 54th minute of their match with Nigeria when Jonathan Tehau scored for Tahiti.

Only three teams have failed to score at the FIFA Confederations Cup: Canada in 2001, Greece in 2005 and Iraq in 2009. Thanks to Tehau’s goal, Tahiti will not be in this hall of fame.

After just four games goal scorers include Luis Suarez (the cannibal of Liverpool and Uruguay), Neymar Junior (Barcelona and Brazil), Andrea Pirlo (Italy), Mario Balotelli (AC Milan and Italy), Javier Hernández Chicharito (Manchester United and Mexico), Pedro (Barcelona and Spain), and Jonathan Tehau (Tamarii Faa'a and Tahiti).

Neymar scored a spectacular goal only three minutes into the opening game of the tournament (Brazil v Japan). Wearing Pele’s famous number 10 jersey the young Neymar showed why Pele believes Neymar will be a worthy successor.

Jonathan Tehau (17) celebrates scoring for Tahiti in the Confederations Cup in Brazil.